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Pretty Pearl

mama 1mama b4 and afmama 2mama 3

Hello Beauties,

I really had a great time doing Tosin’s makeup.I didn’t have a hard time transforming her face.She is

one of those I consider natural beauties.Her choice of colours also suited her perfectly.


I based her face with Elf mineral Primer

Applied Marykay 507 foundation as a true colour

I contoured her face with my favorite Iman Oil blotting powder(Light medium,medium and medium deep)


I based her eyes with my NYX eyeshadow base

Applied a light gold colour on the inner corner of her eyes,and a pink colour on her eyelid .I contoured her eyes with a dark brown shade (all from my Miss Beauty exotic Eyeshadow pallet).I highlighted her brow bones with a light matte shade from my black opal pallet.I also lined her upper lids with a liquid Milani eyeliner and her lower lids with retractable eyeliner.


I based her lips with a lip balm after which I dabbed with a face tissue to get rid of excesses.I applied my sweet pink lip stick and contoured her lips.I gave the center of her lips a pop with a shimmery light pink gloss.

Hope I was able to inspire someone today.Makeup is all about creativity and knowing a few rules.

Thanks for dropping by.I will like to hear from you.Please drop your comments.

Have a prosperous new year


Ezi’s makeover(My Peach Love)


Ezi 2Ezi's b4 and after


It’s my pleasure to share these lovely photos with you.Thanks for dropping by .

Dazzling Tope

Dazzling Tope

Hello Lovelies,
Hope you have been enjoying the holidays. Today’s post features a lovely bride with an undeniable beautiful smile that swept me off my feet. Her big day was earlier this month but I have been on the move doing my art that I have not had time to post. So sorry friends.

I particularly like her choice of colours Turquoise and Peach. The colours helped to brighten her complexion. It’s important to use the right colours that suite your skin tone on your big day instead of using trending colours. Orange, Peach, Turquoise and sometimes Tomato Red Gele work for medium dark or dark skin tones.

I am glad to share her lovely pictures with you. I would like to hear your views on skin tones that work for medium dark and dark skin tones.
Thanks for dropping by. Happy Holidays :*

Beauty ” With or Without” 1 (African Hair Care Tips)


Hello Lovelies,

I decided to make this post my the first in the beauty with or without series since the hair of a woman is her crown. Due to the  African climate and the unique texture of the African hair, the average black woman has hair problems and as resulted to wearing wigs and weavons only or even hating her hair. Like I mentioned in my first blog post,I used to hate my hair and even envy my sisters who had medium textured hair. My hair story has changed although I do not have long hair I have come to love and care for my hair 🙂  .Yes girlfriends you heard me right I now love my hair.My hair has evolved overtime from that feathery looking dry/coarse hair to a medium textured healthy looking hair.I know you are whispering within you ” Lamide,stop beating about the bush tell us what you did.” Yes calm down I will let it out.It would bring me great joy to see all black woman love and care for their hair.We’ve been told our hair is horrible and should not be exposed that is why most women waste thousands of naira on” Oyinbo” Hair.Whether your hair is relaxed or natural you can have that healthy hair you have always dreamt of.

Before I let out  the tips that helped me.I would like to talk about the Basic African hair types

There are basically 3 types of African Hair:
Fine,Medium,Coarse Hair types.The latter is more densely curled and very dry.Due to this dry nature coupled with the sunny African climate,people with the coarse hair type suffer from hair breakage and dullness.The average black woman has coarse/dry hair.If well managed and cared for the coarse hair type can evolve to the medium hair type.

Tip No. 1- Never leave your Hair Dry. Shea Butter and Water are essential moisturizers for the African woman.Comb your hair with large tooth plastic combs,dampen your hands sparingly with water and rub your wet hands on your hair then seal up moisture with natural oils like Olive Oil or Coconut Oil.I particularly like to seal up with shea butter because it has the right balance of oil and moisture.

Tip No 2- If you like straight hair use only only no-lye relaxers because they are mild on the scalp and please minimize retouches to 4-5 times annually

Tip No 3-Feed your scalp :like you, your hair needs food to grow.I recommend a scalp treatment like Emily millionaire coconut oil.

Tip No 4-Avoid combing hair while conditioning after shampooing or retouching ie when wet.The hair is at its weakest point when wet.You can pat and rub lightly with your palms instead of combing wet hair.

Lest ,I forget your hair also needs deep conditioning.Especially after a retouch.Its ok to revitalize your hair every 1 or 2 months.Egg yolk mixed with any natural oil you have at your disposal will do the magic.

If you follow these simple tips I am sure your hair will blossom.Patience is needed too o.In at least 3 months you will see changes
.Do remember to share these tip with a friend.Your question and comments will be deeply appreciated.

Yours Truly,


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Beauty Thought of the week: Beauty “with or without”


Hello Beauties,

Today I would like to share with you a thought I consider very important to every woman.As an advocate of beauty, I believe women should look good with or without makeup.A woman should look heavenly when she wakes up in the morning and anytime of the day.What does your skin look like without foundation or powder?And do you also know that the overuse of these products could also clog your skin.What do you look like without your weavon or wig?

It is important to care for the skin and hair.Beauty is more of an aura; an appreciation of the work of art of the master artist.It is important to love who you are and features the most high has bestowed on you.This week, I will be sharing Skin and Hair tips that will help you remain a natural beauty.Stay tuned friends and don’t forget to share these tips with a friend


Pretty Chi

Chi b4chi 1

I really had a great time working on Chi.She called me up and told me she really wanted to look great for her photo shoot.Since our goal was to create a stunning look I gave her eyes and lips a pop. 😉 I am glad she really liked the look I came up with.
Hope you like it





For this Face: I primed her face with Elf mineral Primer. I applied Mary Kay medium coverage foundation in 507 and 607,  I also set the foundation with Black Opal Invisible Oil Blocking Powder and Iman oil Blotting Powder (medium light,medium and medium dark).

For her Eyes: I used a wine eye colour from my Miss Beauty Eye Palette then I created depth by applying a dark brown shade from the same palette on her crease.I highlighted and defined her brows with my light matte colour from my black Opal Eyeshadow Kit.

For her Lips: I used a dark Red colour and coated with an orange lipnotic lip gloss(Sally Hansen).

I  applied black Opal highlighting Mosaic to give her a youthful look.

Please try Out these tips to achieve this stunning look.

Stay Beautiful :*

My Sugar la la :)

As the mtn project fame comes to an end I have found myself calling the people I love ”my sugar la la”. Thanks to Immaculate 🙂 . I am still so glad my favorite contestant won .With this thoughts still on my mind,I will like to share with you the pictures of my number one sugar la la,my beautiful momma.I am glad that she allowed me do her makeup and tie her gele. She hardly lets me do that she usually says “mi o fe lo jo iyawo”. I especially like her choice of colours ,so sparkling.


Have a sparkling week.