Caramel Delight

Hello Beautiful People,
Hope your week has been going well.This week has been full of pleasant memories.Last weekend was fabulous cos I worked on this beautiful and amazing bride whose smile boosted my morale — She trusted me and made my work easier.Its my pleasure to share this with you.I title this work my “Caramel Delight”
To achieve this look,I used:
-Marykay medium coverage foundation 607 and 708
-Iman oil blotting powder(medium dark and medium)
-black Opal invisible oil blocking powder
-Miss beauty eye shadow pallet (magic bronze)
-Black Opal lip Berried Treasure Pallet (Rich Plum and light Pink)

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Pamper your Lips

A Lip Balm is the ideal lip care treatment you need.A good lip balm contains the right dose of moisture and vitamins your lips need.Try applying a lip balm twice daily and you will be amazed what this little trick can do.Soft,sweet and well moisturized lips are guaranteed.

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How to get beautiful African hair

Are you fed up of your hair?Many African women with Dry/Coarse hair often feel this way about their hair.
I have once felt this way about my hair and also looked enviously at women with fine or Medium textured hair and wondered why I inherited dry/coarse hair.
Let me not deceive you, you will never have that perfect silky hair you long for but you can convert your hair to a medium textured and healthy hair.
Ladies its simple,”Feed your hair and scalp”.A friend gave me this tip 3 years ago and my hair story has never been the same.
Due to harsh weather conditions and the natural tendency of African Coarse hair to loose essential oils and moisture.its faced with the risk of breakage and a dull looking appearance.
Firstly,ladies avoid tight braids
Feed your hair regularly with essential and natural oils like Shea butter(very important for the right balance of moisture and oil).
Feed your scalp(I recommend Emily millionaire coconut oil and herbs or fertilizer,trust me ladies they work wonders).
Don’t be deceived beauties,one characteristic of coarse hair is its tight curls and dull looking appearance.If you want your hair to look healthy you would need to straighten it either with a thermal method or chemical method or mechanical method.
Thermal involves the use of heat i.e the use of curling combs or straighteners.
Chemicals involves the use of texturizers or relaxers.I recommend the use of no-lye relaxers because of their mildness.
Whatever form of straighten technique you chose please,do not over do it.limit straightening to 4-5 times in a year.

Its a pleasure sharing this tip with you.Thanks for reading and please share this piece with a friend.Your comments and questions will be highly appreciated.
Healthy African Hair is possible.
Ravishing Makeovers…for the love of beauty

Worried about your hair

Are you of African descent?Are you fed up of what your hair looks like?Do you desire beautiful silky hair?